2019 Workshops

Workshop Descriptions for 6th – 9th  Grade Girls

#1 – Let’s Quick Math! – Add-it-up!  Add-it-up! Break-it down! Break-it down! Show your work!

#2 – Weave the Rainbow – The Rainbow Bracelet Experiment: Girls will learn the art of integrating hair coloring and bracelet weaving.

#3 – From Middle School to Medical School – It’s never too late to determine where your interest lie using stethoscopes.

#4 – Watch Out!!! It’s Drone Zone!!! – You’ve heard the acronym SUV and know it well.  Now, let’s add the term UAV to your knowledge bank.  UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle that comes in all shapes, sizes, and functionalities are used in a variety of professions.  In this hands-on session, students will learn the basics of drones and how they are used.

#5 – Me & My BMI (Health Awareness & Technology) – Calculate your body mass index (BMI) and gain experience using bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology.

#6 – Don’t be Grounded! Come Fly with Us! – Fly without leaving the ground by taking the controls in a simulator and learn about lots of careers in aviation!

#7 – Digital Audio: The Art and Science of Sound Recording – In this session, participants will be introduced to instrument frequencies, microphones, and the process of recording  music in a professional studio.

#8 – Girl Force!  Finding Our Real Calling in Engineering – Want to make something?  Explore the world of Engineering and be prepared to have lots of “let’s figure it out” fun!

#9 – Do the “D.A.B” (Physical Therapy 101) – Doing activities that are good for the body while learning the importance of math and science in healing patients through physical therapy.

#10 – Evolution of Music Technology – This workshop will feature a tour of the Grammy Museum® exhibit plus a hands-on activity to give students the opportunity to further discover how technology manipulates the way we listen to music.

#11 – Every Penny ACCOUNTS! – Learn how to CRUNCH NUMBERS like a pro and one day you will have the skills to run a successful business!

#12 – Living MY Best Life! – What simple tricks can I do to improve my quality of life? Come to this fun and interactive workshop that is sure to make your life easier.

#13 – Design Yourself – An introduction to Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.  Everyone will make a poster or card advertising themselves and their social media of choice.