2017 Workshops

Workshop Descriptions for 6th – 9th  Grade Girls

#1 – Heal the World – Healing the world through interactive environmental health and safety approaches for today’s youth … tomorrow’s leaders.

#2 – Navigating in 3D Through the Immersive Environment of the PlanetariumCome learn a little about computer programming as you fly around the planets and moons in our solar system. Learn how a single line of computer code can give different users a completely unique experience.

#3 – Monograms – Students plot points on a coordinate grid on the back of duck-tape paper.

#4 – Watch Out!!! It’s Drone Zone!!! – You’ve heard the acronym SUV and know it well.  Now, let’s add the term UAV to your knowledge bank.  UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle that comes in all shapes, sizes, and functionalities are used in a variety of professions.  In this hands-on session, students will learn the basics of drones and how they are used.

#5 – Girl Code – Let It Code!  Let It Code!  Let It Code!  Don’t be frozen, computer programming can fix it.

#6 – Don’t be Grounded! Come Fly with Us! – Fly without leaving the ground by taking the controls in a simulator and learn about lots of careers in aviation!

#7 – Digital Audio: The Art and Science of Sound Recording – In this session, participants will be introduced to instrument frequencies, microphones, and the process of recording  music in a professional studio.

#8 – Girl Force!  Finding Our Real Calling in Engineering – Want to make something?  Explore the world of Engineering and be prepared to have lots of “let’s figure it out” fun!

#9 – Pharmacists for a Day: Prescriptions for Success – This workshop will expose students to various areas of pharmacy from dispensing of medications, compounding, and counseling of patients.  Students will learn the importance of applying math and science to care for their patients.

#10 – Turn up the Juju on that Knee – Participants will learn about muscle re-education after injuries. Movements will be performed to prevent common knee injuries in young girls.

#11 – Crime Scene Investigation – Do you like watching CSI or Elementary on TV? Did you know investigators use lots of science and math to solve crime? Come join Dr. Brett as she puts your detective skills to the test.

#12 – Staying Alive with Hands only CPR – Using your hands to the beat of this music can save a life!